You can set settings with the command dh!settings set <setting name> <value>
To reset a setting, use dh!settings reset <setting name> 

Responsive Table
Parameter Type Default value Comment
announce_level_up bool True Toggle for the level up/down announcements
bang_lag float 0.5 Time between a hunter's shot and what happen. Can be set to 0 to disable this
chance_to_kill_on_missed integer 5 Probability in percent that a hunter will kill someone when missing a shot
clover_max_exp interger 10 Maximum experience bonus given by a clover
clover_min_exp interger 1 Minimum experience bonus given by a clover
delete_commands bool False Anti-flood parameter : delete commands from hunters after execution
disable_decoys_when_ducks_are_sleeping bool True Make decoys ineffective when ducks are sleeping (see sleeping_ducks_start and sleeping_ducks_stop)
duck_frighten_chance integer 5 Probability that a duck will get afraid when a hunter shoot at him. In percent
ducks_per_day integer 24 Number of ducks that will get spawned on a channel each day
emoji_ducks bool False Use ducks emojis when ducks are spawned. Replace the default model.
emoji_used string :duck: Emoji used by the bot if emoji_ducks setting is enabled
exp_won_per_duck_killed integer 10 Experience points earned by a hunter that killed a duck
global_scores bool False If you have multiple duckhunt channels, the scores will be the same on all of them if this setting is at True.
interactive_topscores_enabled bool True If disabled, will make topscores ASCII only.
killed_mentions bool True Mention people that get shot by others hunters. It can be annoying, so you can disable it here.
language string en_EN Laguage used by the bot. Use the format 2letterslanguagecode_2LETTERSCOUNTRYCODE (fr_FR, hu_HU, en_US...). If the language is not found, this will default to english.
mention_in_topscores bool False Mention hunters in the topscores (this does NOT send notifications). It can break the scoreboard with long names
multiplier_miss_chance float 1 Change the chance to miss on shooting. A lower value will make hunter miss less, a higher value will make hunter miss more.
pm_most_messages bool False Send non-essential answers by PM to a hunter (reload, shop...)
pm_stats bool False PM the stats message
pm_top bool False PM the top scores table message
prefix string ! Prefix used by the bot. If duckhunt commands conflict with another bot, you can change it here. Regardless of this setting, duckhunt will always react to dh! prefix
randomize_ducks bool True Randomize textual ducks (change the trail, body and shout of a duck)
randomize_mechanical_ducks integer 0 3-level parameter. If it's set at 0, a mechanical duck will have a set look. If set to 1, his shout will get randomized. At 2, the duck is indistinguishable from a normal one.
sleeping_ducks_start integer 0 Used with sleeping_ducks_stop, to define an interval using military time hours (24h format) where the ducks won't spawn. The ducks_per_day setting will STILL be respected.
sleeping_ducks_stop integer 0 See sleeping_ducks_start.
super_ducks_chance integer 5 Probability that a duck that spawn will be a super duck
super_ducks_exp_multiplier float 1.1 To get experience earned when a hunter kill a superduck, we use the formula rounded_integer(exp_won_per_duck_killed * super_ducks_exp_multiplier * duck_life)
super_ducks_maxlife integer 7 Maximum life of a super duck
super_ducks_minlife integer 3 Minimum life of a super duck
tax_on_user_give integer 0 Percentage of exp that will be taken as a tax when a player use the send_exp command. Set to 0 to disable.
time_before_ducks_leave integer 660 Time in seconds before a duck leaves of boredom, if he isn't killed.
tts_ducks bool False Try to speak when ducks appear. Experimental setting
user_can_give_exp bool True Allow users to send each other experience points with the send_exp command.
users_can_find_objects bool True Allow users to find objects in bushes.

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