Commands are written with the universal dh! prĂ©fix. You can use the prefix set on your server too, by default set to ! but can be changed by server owners. 

Arguments are specified with <> if they must be specified, and with [] otherwise. Please don’t type the brackets on commands… Thanks :)

You can pass a player as an argument using his/her User ID, a mention or his nickname and discriminator.

Player commands

By default, every user connected to the Discord server is a (potential) hunter. You don’t need to register to use theses commands! 

Player commands
Command Description
dh!bang Command used to shot a duck. Don't forget that sometimes, mistakes happen and you can miss the ducks... Or worse.
dh!reload Reloads and unjam your weapon. You must have chargers left if you want to reload. They are given back for free everyday (check dh!freetime command), but you can also buy them in the shop.
dh!help Send you the help message.
dh!wiki Sends the link to this website.
dh!duckstats [player] Get your or another player hunting statistics.
dh!shop <item number> [argument] Commaad used to buy things from the shop. For more information, see the Shop Items page. You can also use the dh!shop list command to show the link to the Shop Items page.
dh!top [number of players] [time/missed/exp/killed] [reverse] See best players on the channel. You can sort it and/or reverse it if you'd like.
dh!sendexp <player> <amount> Sends some of your experience points to another player on the game. A tax can be applied to the transfer, dependings on the server settings.
dh!resetbesttime Reset your best time (time between a duck spawn and the moment when you killed it)
dh!freetime This command willl display the time left to wait for the free giveback of chargers and weapons.
dh!stats Show statistics about the bot, as the number of player and number of ducks that will be spawned today. If you are looking for your statistics, try dh!duckstats.
dh!settings modified See settings that were modified and their new value.
dh!settings list List every possible settings
dh!ping Ping the bot to see if it is online.
dh!uptime Gets the bot uptime.

Administrator commands

Only server admins and bot admins can use the following commands, if you are a player, you won’t be able to use them. 

Player commands
Command Description
dh!claimserver This is the first command you should use when inviting duckhunt on a server. It create the server settings and set yourself as an admin.
dh!add_channel After using dh!claimserver, use this command on the channels you want ducks to appear in.
dh!del_channel This disable a channel added by dh!add_channel.
dh!add_admin Set another server administrator as an admin..
dh!del_admin Delete a server admin from the admins list.
dh!coin Force a duck to spawn.
dh!duckplanning Show the number of ducks that will spawn today. It can be considered as a cheat.
dh!give_exp <player> <amount> Give a player some exp points. This is a cheat, not to be confused with dh!sendexp.
dh!purgemessages [number of messages] If there was a little bit too much of spawn you can use this command to delete the last messages that were sent.
dh!settings set <parameter> <value> Modify server settings. You can go to th Bot Settings page to learn more about this command.
dh!settings reset <parameter> Reset a parameter to the default value. Use this command and not dh!settings set to reset parameters, as it won't cause issues with bot upgrades.
dh!game_ban <player> Ban a player from the game. You can't ban admins, but please don't try :)
dh!game_unban <player> Unban a player from the game. they will be able to play again.
dh!deleteeverysinglescoreandstatonthischannel Delete a channel scores and stats. Please be sure you really want to do this. No undo is possible.

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