Installing the official bot

First, I’d like to thanks HostMyServers for providing me a server to host DuckHunt on.

Warning: using the official bot, you’ll have sevral limitations: the ducks_per_day setting is limited to prevent abuse, and I won’t be able to export your scores in case you want to use the self-hosted version.

Adding the official bot to your server is super-easy ! Follow the instructions:

Join our discord server to get some support if needed. You’ll be able to ask the @Moderateurs to get the @Admin d’un serveur rank, reserved for server admins

Invite the bot to your server by clicking here

On the channel you want to use, type !claimserver to get admin powers on your server, then use !add_channel to add channels you want to play in. If you made a mistake, you can remove a channel with !del_channel

Congratulations! You finished the hard work! Duckhunt is now working on your server. You can configure the bot by using the !set command as explained on this page

Join our discord server for support