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Host My Servers

Host My servers in an incredible partner. Providing us a free VPS to host DuckHunt on, I can fairly say that the support is awsome, the prices are good and the uptime is perfect. Congratulations to them!

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🎉 The Midnight Afterparty 🎉

We are a server thats aiming to be the best hangout in Discord while fostering with other communities, we offer many things such as daily/weekly events which you can participate in to win Party Points, party points are needed to buy roles and steam cards! Party Points are awarded in each event, we offer GFX to anyone in need, if you have a request, make sure to say so, we have 24/7 running radio’s (ChillStep, Dubstep, NCS & so on), We are a community that accepts everyone, we do not judge based on anything, If you’re looking for the perfect hangout with cool giveaways and events, make sure to Join in the fun! 

Gamers Chill House

Welcome to gamers house
We have a lot of things to do! We are a English Community but there is somewhere where you can write In diffrent languages
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Raspberry Pie

Raspberry Pi is a programming and tech discussion server. Join in and talk about anything from programming, to hardware, to games with over 1,700 members! 

Snail Racing

Snail Racing is a Discord bot which allows you to run exciting races with people in your server, collect neat items, soar server item and level leaderboards, hoard rupees and earn admin-assigned roles. Watch out for traps and beat your server's members in snail races!

CTH [Furry] Plaza

CTH is a friendly anime and furry server. We talk about dominating the world with furries, chat, and basically chill. We recently added a dank meme channel and a shitpost channel. High quality anti raid bots and hidden nsfw age verify channel. The server is a top notch security server for a pleasant experience and we hope you'll enjoy our hospitality.

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